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Glass Jewellery

Glass can be traced back to being a significant part of history as far back as 6000 years for manufacturing glass and much longer for humans using naturally occurring glass. Glass in many hues of colours were embellished into luxurious jewellery that were used to adorn Egyptian royalty as well as the Romans.

Glass has mainly been uncovered in ancient Rome at various archaeological excavation sites that is now modern day Israel, earning itself the name ‘Roman glass’. Having weathered a natural phenomenon the glass is transformed into beautiful aquamarine blues and greens which is used to create unique and intricate line of modern day jewellery ranging from necklaces, earrings, rings and even piercings.

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Glass also has roots digging deep into the ancient Egyptian civilisation. Egyptian glass jewellers used glass blowing techniques to form solid glass beads which have been found in Egypt dating back to 5000 years before Christ. Egyptian royalty adorned these intricate items of glass jewellery that were used to show their status and gave them an aura of luxury and cut to shine and dazzle.

Among the finest existing specimens of the Egyptian glassmaking art are treasures found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb. The 'vulture collar' that was famous for being laid on the mummies’ chest, was inlaid with hundreds of intricate pieces of coloured glass (The Egyptians were also masters of cloisonné, fine inlay work.) Tutankhamen’s 'necklace of the sun' was created from glass beads intermingled with those formed from gold and cornelian.

The history and the many areas in which glass excels as a fashion statement are endless. Although glass jewellery now is relatively cheap, the journey is far from over as a whole new range of artists are taking Glass Art to a whole new level.

Shards of Art

When it comes to the subject of glass I would say ‘we have only begun to scratch the surface’. Only the most conceptual eye could reach into the depths of beauty and the intricacies behind making art that revolves around glass. The artistic mind has been drawn to art for thousands of years and it is not surprising to see why.

The material can me moulded mixed and matched to the artist heart's desire creating works that are absolutely breathtaking sometimes worn by royalty as a pointer of their status. However an artistic mind is not enough as the medium of glass for art requires a steady hand with complex understanding of craft, science, engineering combined with hard work patience and learning.

Cinque Terre Cinque Terre Cinque Terre

Sergio Redegalli

A notable Australian glass artist famous for his masterful glass sculpture ‘Cascade’ which is on display at the Adelaide Botanical Garden, south of the Bicentennial Conservatory. ‘Cascade’ as a piece is suitably named as it compromises the form of a cascading wave. The piece consists of 500 pieces of precision cut clear glass that is 6mm thick, glued to form this signature, world famous work of art.

Dale Chihuly

Is an American glass sculptor known for his versatility and attention to detail in his intricate works of blown art. ‘Fireworks of Glass’ is just one of his most ambitious architectural installations around the world. It is known to be the largest permanent sculpture of blown glass in the world. It rises to an unbelievable height of 43 feet and is situated at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

Kait Rhoads

An artist who draws inspiration from the sea for her unique glass sculptures. These unique glass sculpture series helps create the idea of an aquatic underwater realm and is made up of hollow blown glass hexagonal tubing, called hollow murrine, linked together with copper wire. They sparkle, like sunlight on the water as she has carefully constructed them with hundreds of pieces of Venetian glass. It helps create realistic interpretations of kelp, coral, and other wonderful and unique sea creatures. At the base of it all lies Kait's love to create through her inspiration and dedicating to make breathtaking works of glass art.

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